Are you battling with sickness, pain or disease? Are you having to deal with the fear of getting sick, or what will happen if you don’t get healed? Well my friend, I have such good news for you! When Jesus died on the cross, God laid upon Him not only our sins, but all our sicknesses and diseases as well. 1 Peter 2:24 tells us exactly that. Sins AND sicknesses were laid upon Jesus. Why? So you don’t have to have them anymore! So you can be free from sin, AND free from sicknesses and diseases, and the fear that goes with them! God does not make people sick. God is not the author of sickness and disease. Satan is. Acts 10:38 tells us that Jesus went around DOING GOOD, and HEALING ALL that were oppressed by THE DEVIL. That sums up the truth of this very nicely!

How can that work of Jesus on the cross become a reality for you today? Its simple! Its not complicated. All it requires from you is simple faith in his finished work. Remember what 1 Peter 2:24 says. By His stripes (whip lashes) you WERE healed. Note that the Bible says you WERE healed. Well, if you were, you are now! You may not look like it, or feel like it, but as far as God is concerned, you are! Romans 4:17 says that God calls things that are not as though they are, so when He’s looking at you now, He’s calling you healed and healthy! That’s how He sees you, so that’s how you should see yourself. And if you believe that, in simple faith, the power of God goes to work within you like Divine medicine, and takes away the pain, the sickness, the disease – and the fear that accompanies all of that.

Here is what Jesus said about the power of our own faith. Whoever says to this mountain, be removed and be thrown into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, he shall have what he says. Therefore, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you receive it, and you shall have it. Mark 11:23,24

Notice the believing comes BEFORE the receiving. Notice also that you can say or pray, but either way, if you believe that what you say or pray will come to pass, you’ll have it! That’s faith! Believe you have it before you feel it, or see it, and you’ll be acting just like God, who calls things that are not as though they are! Be like Abraham in Romans 4:17-22. Don’t consider your body and its pain and symptoms. Consider only what Jesus said, and what YOU SAY in faith about it. Make this declaration out loud before the Lord. Its how you release your faith and put it to work for you – with the words of your mouth.

Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you that when You died on the cross, You took away not just my sins, but my sicknesses too. Therefore, I declare by faith that I AM healed by your stripes. I speak to the pain, to the problems in my body, and command all of that to leave me now. Lord, I believe that Your power is now at work within me, and drives out the pain, sickness and disease, and brings me to a place of healing and health. I declare it now by faith, and receive my healing now by faith. And to the best of my ability Lord, I will, from this moment on, act and talk LIKE I AM WELL in Jesus’ Name. Thank you Lord! Amen!

And we say “amen” with you! If you have received your healing already, let me know. If you have prayed and made these declarations in faith, and don’t yet see your complete healing, don’t be discouraged! The power of God is like medicine working within you now. Continue to praise Him for your healing, and continue to declare that by His stripes, you ARE healed because you WERE healed in Him on that cross. As you do, you’ll see gradual improvement leading to total healing. I’ve seen this many times over the years, and the faith God honors in one, He will honor in anyone – including YOU!

Our contact information is included under the LET’S HEAR FROM YOU tab. Follow those instructions, and please take a moment and tell me about your healing in Jesus’ Name. I can also provide or point you to study material that will help you understand Divine healing – how to acquire it and how to hold on to it – for the rest of your life. God bless you, and may God’s healing power and peace be upon you from the inside out, from this day forward in Jesus’ Name!


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