Our national headquarters in the Philippines is the MKMI COMPOUND, located in Ozamiz City, on the island of Mindanao.  The Compound has five buildings which handle or perform various functions related to the ministry’s vision.  The largest building is our Conference Center and motor pool, which is used to host our conferences, seminars and other special ministry functions or events.  It can accommodate up to 1,000 people, as well as our fleet of ministry vehicles and motorcycles.  We also have a 2-story Staff House, where many of our ministry’s employees and family members live, along with a 3-story Administration Building, 2-story Guest House, and a 4-story Dormitory.  The Dormitory contains additional Administrative offices for our RHEMA Bible Training Center, our ATWOC church network, our Bible School classrooms and library, the kitchen and cafeteria for our students, and a 4thfloor function hall and gymnasium.  Our RBTC students are also lodged and fed here as well.  From our Compound Headquarters, here is a list of major arms of outreach conducted by MKMI nationwide:

  1. Miracle Crusades.Since the beginning, crusade outreach has been, and will forever be, the bedrock and foundation for everything this ministry does in the Philippines.  Thousands of open-air crusades have been conducted, most of which have been held in places where such events have never been conducted before.  It is conservatively estimated that over 750,000 souls have received salvation from 1980 until the present time, with tens of thousands healed in their bodies as they attend these anointed meetings.
  2. Conferences and Seminars. In addition to the Miracle Crusades, Apostle Mike has conducted hundreds of teaching seminars, conferences, church revivals, and special meetings. MKMI conducts these national and local conferences and seminars within our Ozamiz City Compound, and also out in the provinces as the Spirit leads.  These events educate and equip pastors and church leaders for effective ministry in Christ in these last days.  Every three years, our national leadership conference, which is called STRONGERMAN, and our national youth conference, which is called IGNITION, bring together our pastors, leaders, church youth, Bible school graduates and students for training, teaching, equipping and impartation.
  3. ATWOC Church Network. The church arm of MKMI is called ATWOC, which is an acronym for ALL THE WORLD OUTREACH CHURCHES.  This name is derived from the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-20, where Jesus commanded His followers to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  Many churches have been built through direct MKMI support of local and regional outreaches, and hundreds more have received construction or land-purchasing assistance from MKMI.  At present, MKMI oversees and apostolically covers between 275 and 300 churches, and approximately 400 Filipino ministers nationwide, providing spiritual and legal covering, with ordination and licensing for those who qualify and wish to submit to Apostle Mike as a father of faith for leadership, accountability, encouragement, and supervision.
  4. Summer Mission Tours. These annual events, which were started back in the late 1990s, has given MKMI friends, supporters and partners the chance to come to the Philippines and work side-by-side with Apostle Mike, Reverend Ethel and their staff in the business of evangelistic outreach. Each tour is 10 days in duration from day of USA departure to day of USA return, with 6 days of in-country crusade outreach.  Tour Group members have gone into hundreds of villages, hamlets and out-of-the-way places, telling the Filipino people the good news of the Great Commission.  They have led thousands of adults and children to Jesus, and laid hands on multitudes of sick people for physical healing. Tour Group members have had their lives profoundly impacted through their participation in these outreaches, in ways no words can describe.  Each Missions Tour is open to anyone who wants to come.  Age is no issue, neither is ministry experience a pre-requisite. Anybody who is missions-minded is welcome to come and be a part, so make plans now to join us for one of our Summer Mission Tours.  The price to go is very reasonable, and the experience is priceless!  Ask any of our participants from past Tours, and they’ll tell you what an awesome and life-changing experience this is.  Use your vacation time if necessary, and come join us next summer!  Mark your calendars, and expect your life to change in ways you never thought possible!  Go to the MINISTRIES TAB and click on SUMMER MISSION TOURS to review our current Tour Poster, our General Information Packet and the Philippine Missions Tour Response Form for more details, dates and contact information.  The Poster, Info Packet and Response Form can all be downloaded for promotional purposes, or for printing and sharing the information needed to prepare and sign up to go.  Call or email our Tucson office for additional information, or to ask any questions you may have.
  5. Seed sowing, Alms giving and Disaster relief.Since 1980, MKMI has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local and national ministries and churches that are started and run by native Filipino pastors and ministers.  Various areas of support would include support for a pastor’s parsonage and living expenses, legal expenses for church-related litigation, church construction expenses, land purchasing expenses, medical, hospital and funeral expenses, transportation needs, disaster relief and assistance, and medical support teams for those unable to afford basic medical and dental services.
  6. Book publishing, Resource production and Literature distribution.Since 1980, Apostle Mike has written, printed and distributed gospel tracts in English and Filipino, bi-lingual study manuals, books and study materials in various formats.  Thousands of Filipinos, Americans and many others have benefited from the teaching ministry of Apostle Mike throughout the Philippines islands and beyond.  This teaching ministry is an on-going outreach designed to distribute anointed evangelistic materials and study aids to front-line soldiers of Christ in these last days.


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