ON JANUARY 1, 2013, OUR STRONGERMAN BIBLE INSTITUTE (SBI) OFFICIALLY BECAME THE FIRST RBTC IN THE PHILIPPINES.Operating worldwide on every major continent, it is said the sun never sets on a Rhema graduate, or upon a RBTC College or RBTC Center! (Some schools are colleges; others are centers – the difference having to do with the legalities and educational requirements of various nations worldwide). The RBTC network of Bible schools and related ministries is training and graduating tens of thousands of passionate soul-winners to carry the Word of Faith and the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-20 into the uttermost parts of the earth. This is the school Apostle Mike graduated from in May, 1980, being prepared for the life time of fruitful and successful ministry in the Philippines from September, 1980, until now. This is also the school from which his son, Mike Jr, graduated from 30 years later to the month, in May, 2010. We are all excited and thankful to God for being a part of this great international and global network!

RBTC Ozamiz city is a 2 year spiritual training center, designed to teach and train men and women for successful, full-time ministry as leaders within the body of Christ. This is not an easy school to join, and not an easy school to graduate from. It’s hard – on purpose! Why? Because ministry and ministry leadership is hard work, full of many challenges and obstacles (many of which are unexpected) that cause weaker believers to quit and give up. Here is what the Lord told me to highlight for the purpose and emphasis of this school.

Now operating in 43 countries around the world, the RBTC network of Bible Schools is training thousands, and has graduated tens of thousands for successful ministry in fulfilling the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-18.  This is the school Apostle Mike graduated from in May, 1980, and from which his son, Mike Jr, graduated 30 years later to the month, in May of 2010.  We’re excited to be part of the international RBTC network!

The Strongerman Bible Institute (SBI) does not go away, but now becomes a 3rd year graduate school, specifically designed to train and prepare its graduates for inclusion into the MKMI ministry as licensed and ordained ministers.


Our educational philosophy:  Working under the banner of MKMI as a licensed or ordained minister is a great honor and privilege that is reserved only for those who are willing to commit themselves to the same standard of excellence that Apostle Mike holds himself to. Therefore, this opportunity is only open to the select few who qualify – either by graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center – Ozamiz city, or by distinguishing themselves for God through years of proven, fruitful and faithful work in full-time ministry.

Our emphasis on challenge: Jesus said that all things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23). We challenge you to believe that, and use your faith for the impossible! Nothing is too hard for God (luke 1:37), and in this graduate school, we will emphasize the weapon of your free will, and challenge you to explore and realize your vast potential to accomplish great things for Jesus.

Our requirements for financial commitment: We expect you to understand the importance of making spiritual investments for the future success of your ministry under the MKMI banner, and the importance of financial integrity. Therefore, we expect you to pay your financial obligations to the school on time, and graduate from the RBTC with all tuition debt paid in full. Graduation diplomas will not be given if your situation is otherwise at the time you complete your course of studies.

Our goal for each RBTC graduate: Our goal for you as an RBTC graduate is to see you carry the MKMI banner of excellence, discipline and passion forward in such a way as to give great honor and glory to God, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit. To win many souls to Christ, disciple believers, bring healing & comfort to multitudes, and fulfill your high and holy ministry calling from the Lord – so that on the day of your judgment, you will hear the Lord say to you: “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Rhema Bible Training College International Monthly Report Summary

  • #’s as of: January 2020
  • # of students enrolled worldwide: 6,356
  • # of International Campuses: 256
  • # of Nations with at least one Campus: 51

Graduates World Wide

  • Completed First year: 88,054
  • Advanced Ministry Training Graduates: 10,041

RBTC Platform and Educational Philosophy

   1. Our emphasis: CHALLENGE

  • go beyond your abilities
  • exceed your own expectations
  • think in unlimited terms

   2. Our requirement: COMMITMENT

  • Financial (sacrifice)
  • Physical (availability)
  • Emotional (team attitude – unselfishness)
  • Spiritual (diligence)

   3. Our goal: PREPAREDNESS  

Defined: Noun: the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action).

  • Graduation
  • Bearing fruit that abounds and remains


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